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In June 2017 we celebrated 175 years since St John's church first opened its doors. We would like to mark this significant anniversary by improving the facilties our building has.  Our priority is to provide a wheel chair accessible toilet with baby changing facilities.

On the south side of the church there is a porch that has not been used to provide access into the building for many years.  We believe that this porch is big enough to house the facilities we need without changing the external appearance of the building at all, or intruding into the main body of the church.

This will involve running a water supply and drainage from the porch down towards the road, where they can be properly connected.

If you want to support this project then you can post a cheque payable to "St John's Blindley Heath PCC" to:

St John's 175th Anniversary Project, The Rectory, 17 Ivy Mill Lane, Godstone RH9 8NH.  


Donations can be made here.

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